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Training Program

As a PhD fellow, you are encouraged to participate in as many training activities as your schedule permits. All of our courses are free of charge for our members, and we will reimburse you for certain trainings outside of HGS MathComp, as outlined below. Current training opportunities are available in our event calendar.

Overview of the training program

The HGS MathComp training program covers three thematic areas. Key competence courses are relevant to all PhD students regardless of their field and should be taken at an appropriate time of the PhD phase. For instance, a project management course should be taken early on to facilitate the PhD project. Theory & methods courses are aimed at young researchers wishing to broaden their expertise. Practicals & schools invite you to work hands-on with specific software or to actively participate in workshops and contribute results from your own research projects.

ECTS are awarded based on the duration and workload of an activity and are listed in the event calendar. While short events do not yield full ECTS, you can accumulate one ECTS by attending five short events (1 for 5). Please collect a so-called ‘yellow sheet’ from the HGS MathComp office to officially keep track of short events.

Format Duration ECTS
Compact Course, School 1 - 3 days 1 - 2
  4 - 5 days 3
Conference 1 - 3 days 1
  4 - 5 days 2
  Own contribution + 1
Excursion 1 - 2 days 1
Colloquium, Crash Course, Talk/Lecture   1 for 5

While we incorporate many events offered by our partners in our event calendar, please refer their full programs on a regular basis:

Reimbursement for External Courses

To request reimbursement for training activities outside of the HGS MathComp program, please complete the application form, providing your certificate of participation and proof of payment. Trainings offered by the Graduate Academy and the Heidelberg University Language Center are always refundable. Other trainings within Heidelberg University with course fees of up to € 100 are also refundable. For trainings with higher fees or outside Heidelberg University, please contact us for prior approval.