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The Distinguished Romberg Guest Professorship

With its founding in 2007 the HGS MathComp implemented the distinguished Romberg Guest Professorship. With this program the graduate school invites leading researchers working in a field relevant to the graduate school for a longer stay ( 3 - 6 months) and to participate in the study training program.

The current Romberg Guest Professorship call is open until June 15, 2023. Researchers interested in this position are encouraged to contact HGS MathComp members in their personal networks, or to contact our main office at

The graduate school is proud to have following Romberg professors:

2008   Prof. Hoang Xuan Phu (Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology)
2010   Prof. Dr. George C. Papanicolaou (Stanford University, USA)
2011   Prof. Andro Mikelic (University of Lyon, France)
2012   Prof. Mitchell Luskin (University of Minnesota, USA)
2013   Prof. Richard W. Longman (Columbia University, USA)
2014   Prof. Donald Richards (Pennsylvania State University, USA)
2015   Prof. Michael Unser (Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland)
2016   Prof. Robert Scheichl (University of Bath, UK) • Romberg Visiting Scholar
2017   Prof. Huan-Xiang Zhou (University of Illinois at Chicago, USA)
2018   Prof. Colin Fox (University of Otago, NZ) • Romberg Visiting Scholar
2019   Prof. David J. Silvester (University of Manchester, UK) • Romberg Visiting Scholar
2021   Prof. Francesca Bonizzoni (Augsburg University, Germany) • Romberg Visiting Scholar
2022   Prof. Leonid Berlyand (Pennsylvania State Universtiy, USA)
2022   Prof. Heather J. Kulik (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA) • Romberg Visiting Scholar

The guests invited via the HGS MathComp Romberg Program make substantial contributions to the study program by complementing the teaching done by the members or by disseminating their latest research results at the school.