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Forms & Documents

The graduate school runs a support program to enable our doctoral candidates to become independent young researchers. The support program is open to all fellow members. For the more frequently used support options we offer application templates, to be filled in and sent as PDF to the HGS MathComp Office.

All applications to the support program are discussed with the speakers of the school. Decisions are made within six weeks after submission. Fellows are informed by mail on the result of their proposal. Financial coordination is done by the head office. Funds will not be transferred to accounts of the supervisors.

Travel Funds

Joining conferences to present the results of their own work is an important step in the career of young researchers. In addition to the funding by the supervising group, HGS MathComp offers a funding scheme for conference visits. Each doctoral candidate can apply once during the PhD research phase to the travel fund.

To apply for travel funds, please submit:

  • travel fund application [PDF]
  • travel authorization form (Dienstreisegenehmigung) of Heidelberg University [PDF]

The travel fund application has to be filled in by the fellow (front page) and the first supervisor (back page). Please note that only complete applications will be accepted. The amount of travel support should not exceed 1.000 EUR. Co-financing with project travel funds Is possible.

Research Student Contracts

The co-operation between a PhD candidate and bachelor or master students gives fellows the possibility to get lab work done quicker and with a larger scope. PhD candidates also learn how to work in small teams, distribute work and advise students.

The graduate school offers student contracts (Hiwi) to support doctoral candidates with lab students for tasks directly related to their PhD project. Examples of such tasks are:

  • performing series of numerical experiments
  • programming support e.g. for GUI programming or parallelisation
  • experimental lab work
  • data studies

To apply for research students funds, please submit:

  • research student fund application [PDF]

HiWi contracts in this funding line should be no longer then 6 months with up to 40h/month working time. Please use the application form to explain how the research student will support the PhD project. The proposal has to be signed by the doctoral fellow and research group leader of the PhD project (to approve use of lab and office space).

Guest Fellows

“Semper apertus” (always open) is the motto of Heidelberg University. HGS MathComp supports this by funding invitations of external PhD students to join the school for a duration of up to three months. Fellows of the graduate school can propose to invite external PhD candidates to join the work group of one of their two supervisors.

Guest visits at HGS MathComp are regulated under the general rule: “Sending university fund the travel, hosting university funds the stay”. Following this regime, funding for guest fellows is limited to the cost of stay in Heidelberg. This includes accommodation and daily allowance. The amount of support for local costs is controlled by the guest regulations of Heidelberg University.

To apply for the guest fellow funds, please submit:

  • guest fellow application [PDF]

In the application form, the inviting dcotoral candidate motivates the reasons for the invitation (joint lab work, upcoming joint publication, exchange of research ideas …). The duration of stay should be closely linked with the reasons for the invitation. The proposal must also be signed by one supervisor of the applicant (to confirm office space for the guest).